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Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll Podcast

"Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" is a "rockumentary" series telling the greatest rock and roll stories on record. Some of our episodes spotlight specific artists, and others cover various specific subjects. All of them rock as we cover stories and myths about songs you can sing along with.

Oct 1, 2020


Many of television’s biggest hit shows were also hits on your radio as their theme songs achieved great ratings on Billboard magazine’s singles charts. And in some cases, those theme songs turned out to be more popular than the television shows for which they were created.

We found 40 hit television themes that radio and satellite stations seem to have lost. These include vocals by such stars as Johnny Cash, Sammy Davis Jr., Al Jarreau, Dionne Warwick, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Rivers, and Jose Feliciano. Plus, melodies by Henry Mancini and Mike Post.

We’ll re-run the TV theme songs with the most hit versions – one was about a real life American folk hero and the other set the musical mood for a fictional detective. Can you guess who they are?

There’s so much fun stuff to tell you about all of these tunes that Ken Deutsch will co-anchor this episode with Radio Dave as we present the television theme song edition of the greatest rock and roll stories on record.