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Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll Podcast

"Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" is a "rockumentary" series telling the greatest rock and roll stories on record. Some of our episodes spotlight specific artists, and others cover various specific subjects. All of them rock as we cover stories and myths about songs you can sing along with.

Jul 1, 2016

On this episode, Radio Dave tracks the entire hit singles history – and a whole lot more – of one of the most popular bands of the late 1960s – the Turtles.

They emulated the trends of their time, evolving from a surf and garage band to protest music and folk rock, ultimately enjoying their greatest commercial successes in pop tunes, and eventually some psychedelic sounds and even doo-wop.

These Turtles were snapping turtles, too. They kept their lawyers busy in a litany of law suits involving multiple managers as well as copyright clashes that have even spanned many decades after the group broke up. At least one of these cases changed copyright law forever,

Then there are the Turtles and their connections to the Byrds, Bob Dylan, the Vogues, the Beatles, the Monkees, Warren Zevon, the Kinks, Frank Zappa, T Rex, Alice Cooper, the Lovin' Spoonful, and even Bruce Springsteen, among many others.

There are a lot of terrific tidbits to tell about the Turtles, and you’ll hear them all right here.