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Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll Podcast

"Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" is a "rockumentary" series telling the greatest rock and roll stories on record. Some of our episodes spotlight specific artists, and others cover various specific subjects. All of them rock as we cover stories and myths about songs you can sing along with.

Jan 1, 2023


This episode spotlights the Four Tops – four high school friends from Detroit who performed together continuously for 43 years. They failed to achieve a hit song during their first decade together, but succeeded as a popular draw at leading night clubs. They turned down a contract with Motown Records because they thought the company was too small, but years later they would join that label and become one of its most successful groups.

Their repertoire spanned doo-wop, jazz, rhythm and blues, pop, rock, soul, disco, and dance. In addition to many other Motown acts, their hit music collaborations also included another singer with a Detroit connection – Aretha Franklin – and surprisingly – a group from England – the Moody Blues. And in a twist of fate, their lives were saved when they slept late and missed an ill-fated commercial airplane flight that was blown up by terrorists.

Our resident Rockologist, Ken Deutsch, joins Radio Dave to co-anchor this episode as together we present more of the greatest rock and roll stories on record. Hear it all here.