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Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll Podcast

"Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" is a "rockumentary" series telling the greatest rock and roll stories on record. Some of our episodes spotlight specific artists, and others cover various specific subjects. All of them rock as we cover stories and myths about songs you can sing along with.

Jan 15, 2021


Elvis Presley just has to be the most imitated performer in pop music history. Beginning with his ascent to super stardom in 1956, and continuing after his death in 1977, myriad performers have sought success by emulating his sound and style. That doesn’t even include the countless Elvis impersonators who’ve made a living by keeping Presley’s performing persona alive.

We’ve ranked the top 20 recording artists of all time who’ve come the closest to cloning the King Of Rock & Roll. At least in our opinion. We’re calling this episode: “They All Sounded Like Elvis.”

While most of these performers purposely patterned themselves after Presley, the number one recording artist on our play list didn’t intentionally copy the King Of Rock & Roll. He was just born with a voice that was almost identical to Elvis Presley’s. Can you guess who he is?

Our resident “Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘N Roll” Rockologist, Ken Deutsch, will be along with the background on how we selected the singers we’re saluting on this episode. Plus, his usual fun factoids. And Radio Dave will have more of the greatest rock and roll stories on record.